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Ignite Edinburgh April 16- May 21

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April 16th to May 21st (with no workshop on May 14th)

Tuesdays 6.30pm-8:30pm

Out of the Blue Drill Hall

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Whether you want to write prose, plays or poems, Ignite is for you!

If you haven’t written creatively before but always wanted to, or if you haven’t written for some time and want to kick-start your practice, then this low-cost, intensive course is for you.

Come, hang out and learn to write more regularly with more joy in the relaxed atmosphere WLAG is famous for.

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With Ignite, you aren’t expected to write for big chunks of time or to share work. You’ll develop your skills and confidence in a small, supportive group, joining us in-person at Out of the Blue Drill Hall

You’ll learn how to push through doubt, reduce fear of the blank page, create a regular writing practice and enjoy the process of writing so much more. You’ll become skilled in characterisation, dialogue, creating dynamic settings and other essential writing techniques.

Hundreds of students have graduated from Write like a Grrrl. Join us for this low-cost course & Come and find your gang!

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Out of the Blue Drill Hall

36 Dalmeny Street,


Lucy Goodwill
(she/her) is a writer, artist and educator based in Scotland. Lucy has a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and her work has been featured by publications such as 404 Ink, Dear Damsels and Popshot Magazine. She finds joy and purpose in her own creative practice and is passionate about sharing the transformative power of creativity through teaching.

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