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Best Friends Forever? Writing Friendship 8-29 April

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Best Friends Forever? Writing Friendship
A four-week online course
Mondays 8-29 April
7 - 9 p.m

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Who are your favourite fictional best friends? Ferrante’s Lenu and Lila? Emma Jane Unsworth’s party animals Laura and Tyler? Broad City’s Abbi and Illana?

If you’re interested in writing about friendship in fiction, non-fiction or poetry and want to represent the joy, heartbreak, silliness and conflict of friendship on the page but don’t know where to start, join us for this new online four-week course.

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Write Like A Grrrl tutor Sara Sherwood will guide you through identifying the different types of friendships and how to represent these on the page, building the unique world of your fictional friends, diving deep into their characters to find where the conflict might lay – as well as discussing the most interesting friendships in fiction.

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The workshops will include writing exercises, discussion, close readings -- and time to play and daydream too. There is no requirement to share your work, but we would love to meet your fictional best friends in the final workshop.

No matter whether you’re published or have never written before, you’ll be welcomed and supported!

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Sara Sherwood is a writer based in London. Sara’s short stories have been featured in Dear Damsels’ anthology Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship, Test Signal, an anthology of best new northern writing published by Dead Ink and Bloomsbury, and Best British Short Stories. Her short story Likes was also Highly Commended in the Bridport Prize in 2018. Sara has an MA in Creative Writing from the Manchester Writing School and loves creating supportive, caring and creative environments for writers of all abilities, backgrounds and ambitions to thrive. You can follow Sara on Twitter and Instagram: @sarasherwood


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