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Ignite Online 2nd Oct- 30 Oct

£89.99 - £129.99

Welcome to Ignite: Online: first level course

DATES: 2nd Oct-30 Oct

TIME: 7pm-9pm GMT

ONLINE via Zoom

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Whether you want to write fiction/non-fiction, plays and poems, Ignite is for you! Whether you’ve written before or are an absolute beginner, you are very welcome.

Come and hang out and learn your craft in the relaxed. supportive atmosphere WLAG is famous for!

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With Ignite, you aren’t expected to write for big chunks of time or to share work. You’ll develop your skills and confidence in a small, supportive group, joining us live via Zoom…

You’ll learn how to push through doubt, reduce fear of the blank page, become disciplined in your practice and enjoy writing so much more. You’ll become skilled in characterisation, dialogue, creating dynamic settings and other essential writing techniques.

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If you haven’t written creatively before but always wanted to, or if you haven’t written for some time and want to kick-start your practice, then this low-cost, intensive course is for you.

Hundreds of students have graduated from Write like a Grrrl. Join us for this low-cost course!

Come and find your gang and enjoy this online workshop from the comfort of your own sofa!

Our workshops are taught via ZOOM.

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Kerry Ryan has won the Spilling Ink short story prize, been shortlisted for the Myriad First Editions prize, the 2023 Writers & Artists Prize, the HG Wells Prize, and had writing published in The Manchester Review, The Kenyon Review, 3am Magazine among others. She is contributing editor of ‘So Long as You Write‘ (Dear Damsels) 2022 and the Write like a Grrrl anthology (Grind and Bearing) 2022. Her poetry can be found in the Spectrum anthology by Renard Press, longlisted for the Rialto prize and published widely. Her play ‘Trust’ was staged at the Gulbenkian Theatre. In 2022, she received the Arts Council England DYCP award. She has a Masters with distinction and a PhD in Literary Studies/Creative Writing.

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